Since 1964, the history of the Diamantis family is closely tied to what they promote for years. Elegance, Luxury, Unique Quality, Exquisite fabrics, Domination in fashion.

The name Diamantis is absolutely connected with Luxury Clothing for men.

Over time, the defining points of Italian craftsmanship, such as utmost quality, handcraft and superb details, have remained remarkably intact. These traits continue to characterize the store Diamantis inside and out of Greece till today and contribute to its leading status among the world’s most coveted luxury sale points.
In Diamantis luxury store, you get an exclusive service, the quality of the Biggest Italian Brands for men’s suit, tailored for every individual customer.

The choices Diamantis makes for its clients are guided by a spirit of chivalry. In creating each individual's signature style, the focus is on what clients want. This is what the exclusive and dedicated VIP Tailor Made-to-Measure Service offers.


The tailoring craft and luxury fashion men's clothes from generation to generation.

The future of a Company is also based on the new generations, as a necessary step for its continuation. In the Diamantis Family, for over 2 generations, the passion and the tailoring tradition are still deep-rooted in the Family, to continue on offering exlusive luxury garments that are the highest expression of the Italian Tailoring Fashion.

Over 60 years before, Mr. Diamantis Diamantis the founder of Company, started his journey into Fashion industry.

Today, the company founder's children, Anastasia and Alexandros run the business. Glamorous brand names of the most famous European fashion houses are found in their luxurious, stylish store.

Introducing Diamantis

Years of Luxury

Large collection of elegant, handmade, brand-name suits, for formal or casual look.

Official Exclusive Representative in Greece

Top Italian

Stefano Ricci, Brioni, Pal Zileri, Corneliani, Cortigiani, Ravazzolo, Bertolo, Santoni and Fabi

The art of crafting made-to-measure creations

A person’s

Perfection is reflected in every detail. Years of experience in men's suit tailoring.

Value #1

Ultimate luxury only

Value #2

Keeping The Made-In-Italy Tradition

Value #3

Perfection Is Reflected In The Details

Value #4

Substance Means Long-Lasting Value

Value #5

Innovative And Personalised Experience

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Tsimiski 43, 54623 Thessaloniki, Greece

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40.633252, 22.942398
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Style means knowledge, careful choice of materials, and exclusive, sometimes unrepeatable techniques. Style means passion. Welcome to Diamantis, the personalized service dedicated to satisfying the unique sartorial needs of the world's most influential gentlemen. Diamantis offers exclusivity and discretion, delivering artisanal excellence tailored to your exact requirements.
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Stefano Ricci